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Wild Eggplant

Now this one, this one I knocked out wayyy early. As soon as I saw that Eggplant was the next color for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, I knew what I wanted to do. It all started with the swipe of eye makeup from -DAMNED- , but the real jackpot find is the sleeves. They’re cupcakes. YES, cupcakes! As soon as I saw the Cupcake Sleeve tattoo from [Dead Carrot] I knew they had my name written all over them. The tattoo has a “sheer” option (not pictured) which is a lighter than the regular option, which I found to be darker but more vivid. Granted, to pull this look off I did have to take advantage of 2.5’s multi layering option with the tattoo layers.

I am digging the bustier from E R R A T I C. The prim add on has these great little studded details and it comes in several colors – including this shade.

Hair: !lamb.
Skin: LAQ ~ Susan in Peach
Eye Makeup: -DAMNED-
Tattoo: [Dead Carrot]
Top: E R R A T I C
Skirt: Luck, Inc.
Fishnets: Chimera’s
Arm Wamers: !MPS!
Shoes: Bottle Bird
Jewelry: Mandala


Love is a Battlefield

With Valentine’s Day just around the corned, it may be time to break out the arsenal. Sometimes you have to get down, dirty, and bloody, in order to win a heart, lose a heart, cut out a heart, and whatever else that comes along. It’s not always pretty, it’s not always perfect, sometimes it gets down right messy. Sometimes Love really is a Battlefield.


Hair: >Truth<  Adriana (streaked) – tahiti**
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Aqua Eyes
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena – 02 [Nougat]
Cleaveage: LAQ ~ Cleavage enhancer v2 Tattoo layer [Nougat]
Make-Up: Y&R Design ~ Messy Eyeshadow <tattoo layer>**

Dress: !RT ~ Zombie Bloom**
Shoes: Bottle Bird ~ Wallpaper **
Necklace:  [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Jewelry Set/Rose pink

Battlewounds:   Hysteria ~ Heartless <tattoo layer>**; ++Randomocity++ ~ Bloody Face <tattoo layer>, Wounds (Less Bloody), Bloody Legs **

Notes: Viewer 2 was used for multi-layering, ** Also available on Marketplace

Black Bird

Helllooooo Week 14 of Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!  Black. It’s the universal color that flatters and works in all kinds of ways. An LBD (Little Black Dress) would have been easy.. but blame it on Aerosmith, the first thing that came to mind was an overcoat. Black overcoat, or in this case the black trench from DeLa.. and sure, maybe she didn’t have anything on underneath, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little something to unwrap. It’s the allure. And perhaps, this once, he won’t be home late tonight, blackbird.


Hair: >Truth<  Leighton 2 – tahiti
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Aqua Eyes
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena – 04 [Nougat]
Cleaveage: LAQ ~ Cleavage enhancer v2 Tattoo layer [Nougat]
Makeup: Kyoot Makeup – Cateye (Catty) **

Jacket: =DeLa*= Trench coat “Anne” Black  **
Corset: ::TGIS:: You are my Angel Reloaded – Fallen Angel **
Stockings (& Garter): -CG- Raven Moon Stocking Set – Faded Black Raven Pantyhose **
Shoes: Bottle Bird – Ae’s Boots **
Ring: Paper Couture – Bird Ring (Marketplace)

* Viewer 2 was used for multiple layers
** Product is also available on Marketplace