Where Have All The Cowboys Gone


I caught a glimpse of something in the delectable Berry’s flicr.. and one thing leading to the next.. I ended up on a SIM by AM Radio. His SIM designs are gorgeous, but are closing soon. I only wish I would have known about them before! (Read more about why and when his sims are closing on the Prim Perfectand NWN blog.) To visit this sim: The Far Away –

 The look is inspired by the almost wistfulness of the SIM’s design and a recent posting by friend, DJ, and fellow blogger Bouncer.

Hair: Truth
Dress: Mon Tissu
Boots: Miel
Hat: Tidzsi Design (Marketplace)

Pose: !bang


Night in Bloom

Sometimes you just walk into a store and see it. That gorgeous piece that you simply have to have. That’s what happened the other day when I walked into ICING. Orchids are simply my absolute favorite flower. Sure, roses are easy.. and cliche. Not to say that I don’t adore a good rose garden.. but orchids are special. They aren’t common, you don’t see them every day, and often you have to go out of your way to find them. So when I saw Icing’s Orchid Delight, I knew right away I had to have this dress!

The shoulder piece is three separate prims, I had to make mine a little larger to accommodate the curves. The bottom does have that whole ‘skirt’ thing going, but I find with the gown attatchment at the hip, the rubenesqueness isn’t quite as noticeable. The earrings I snagged from Caroline’s a few weeks ago, the color just went beautifully.. accenting both the orchid blooms and the ones from the trees I found on Seychelles.

Hair: Elikatira – Theory in Warm Blonde 08
Dress: Icing – Orchid Delight
Earrings: Caroline’s Jewelry – Bloomin Gems in Pink

Wild Eggplant

Now this one, this one I knocked out wayyy early. As soon as I saw that Eggplant was the next color for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, I knew what I wanted to do. It all started with the swipe of eye makeup from -DAMNED- , but the real jackpot find is the sleeves. They’re cupcakes. YES, cupcakes! As soon as I saw the Cupcake Sleeve tattoo from [Dead Carrot] I knew they had my name written all over them. The tattoo has a “sheer” option (not pictured) which is a lighter than the regular option, which I found to be darker but more vivid. Granted, to pull this look off I did have to take advantage of 2.5’s multi layering option with the tattoo layers.

I am digging the bustier from E R R A T I C. The prim add on has these great little studded details and it comes in several colors – including this shade.

Hair: !lamb.
Skin: LAQ ~ Susan in Peach
Eye Makeup: -DAMNED-
Tattoo: [Dead Carrot]
Top: E R R A T I C
Skirt: Luck, Inc.
Fishnets: Chimera’s
Arm Wamers: !MPS!
Shoes: Bottle Bird
Jewelry: Mandala

Can I get your digits?

The delectable Ms. Berry had a passing thought.. one that we all get at some point in time, mostly has to do with.. does my butt look big in this? She even went as far as to post her own digits. Yes, we can come in all shapes and sizes and most of us have tweaked here and there to get the look we love and live with. It is nice, though, to see what someone else does.. how do they look like they do. I know there are definitely some skins that do not look nearly as good on me as they do another avie and I know it all comes down to my numbers. But you know what? That’s absolutely fine.

I love that I have pulled some of the RL features that makes me unique and strut them in SL.. like the shape of my nose, my mouth, my face.. my short waist, those kinds of things. Granted, my total Glamazon height is allll SL, but I love the way it all works together. It’s just so.. me! I don’t have to edit any hair, most things and poses work. There are some poses that aren’t exactly boob friendly, or don’t quite get along with the length of my arms and legs, and those all prim tops? Yeah.. I’m not even going to get started on the bottoms because Yes. Vivi does have back. But I love that I have back. Even in RL.. I love that I have curves, I may have an ass.. but damnit, it has one helluvah dangerous curve. And so, just like RL, my SL perfections and imperfections seem to mesh so well together.  

So with that, and a little bit of prodding from the lovely Laila, here are my numbers…

Hair: Elikatira
Lingerie: *Fishy Strawberry*
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Pose: Lust

Sunset in Tableau

Took a little break this evening and meandered about some before heading back to work on a few more items for [hoi palloi]. I was strolling out in the Tableau SIM when I remembered the super awesome trailers that back up against some mountains. The perfect setting and scene to play around with my windlight settings.. specifically shadows and sunset. Nothing like rocking ‘sexy casual’ on a Thursday 😉

Hair: Elikatira Hye
Top: [mon tissu] Sweetheart Tank in Spotted Roses
Shorts: League
Bracelet: [hoi palloi] Following Bracelet in Summer

Pose: !bang

[hoi palloi] Mini Launch

I did it, I finally braved my way into the Marketplace with a couple of accessories.. two to be exact (although more are coming!) with [hoi palloi]!! These items are detailed, built by me, scripted, and are the perfect accessory for shopping – either if you’re going with someone else or if you’re bringing that certain someone along and you swear that some days you wish you just had a chair and a beer for him (or he does). My first items are the Silver Following Flask (for him) and the Following Bangle Bracelets (for her). It’s simple, they wear it, type a name into local, and BAM! They automatically find you/follow you and stay within a comfortable 4m. It won’t allow them to TP with you, so you will have to give them a head’s up, but these accessories are “awesome” (that came from the hot guy who also agreed to play my model).  And when a guy says something is awesome, especially when it relates to shopping, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it probably is.


Silver Following Flask – 250L

The flask is worn in the back right pocket and comes with two attatchment locations, spine and pelvis. It is set up as a transfer only object, so you can buy it and give it away.

Following Bracelets in Blue – 250L

I made just one, then decided that it wasn’t enough. So I added a couple more. They are a mix of silver metal and glass bracelets and there is a set of two, both scripted, although I may add a non-scripted version in another release. Both attatch at the forearm (right and/or left) so it won’t mess with any rings that adorn those lovely little fingers of yours. The bracelets are modify and transfer. More colors are on the way!



I have been a crazy busy woman.. and now have three versions of the guy’s flask and six versions of the ladies’ bracelet.. including a discounted promo set in ASPARAGUS!!!! You know you want it.. and at 100L, it’s a total steal 😉 Available both in the Marketplace and at my inworld location.

Date Night

What to wear.. what to wear.. what to wear… the thoughts run through your head, then you remember the little pretty something you picked up. Pretty AND free. It’s date night, time to get prettied up. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but with one last glance, you know you got it just right.

Now, just a quick walk through the courtyard to meet him at the cafe…

Hair: Elikatira
Dress: The Sea Hole (group gift)
Heels: Pixel Mode
Clutch: Hucci

Pose: Miamai



Chiming in on week 23 of Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color is Asparagus. Personally, I love the stuff. The flavor, the possibility of some softness or some crunch. Either way, it’s good on the plate and it’s good for the visual palette. I picked up one of the new Washed Out Tanks from MichaMi (several colors available) and I love the sheerness across the midriff and the back and just a hint of sheerness across the breasts without totally giving up the goods.

The stockings, hipsters (yes, I AM wearing panties!) and the garter belt all hail from Dutch Touch. I adore them.. the stockings have a rolled option and a garter option if you decide to go sans garter belt. The onliest thing is for some odd reason, whenever I wear the garter belt on the pants layer, my ankles flare out, and since it’s no mod I can’t fix them. Thank goodness for Viewer 2 and their multi-layer option, can just add it on top and I’m good to go. They have a ton of colors to choose from over at Dutch Touch, each time I pick up another color I feel like I really should have just sucked it up and bought the entire fat pack. Oy.

I’m still loving the Robin’s Egg blue necklace from Mon Tissue and the heels from Pixel Mode. Green and blue just go well together. Like asparagus and lemon.

Hair: Truth
Tank: (new!) MichaMi
Lingerie: Dutch Touch
Necklace: Mon Tissu
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Pose: doll.

Lights and Shadows

Playing around in my front yard with windlight settings courtesy of Strawberry Singh’s blog, the new PoseAnywhere HUD 2 (currently only available at the Pose Fair)… it’s awweessooommmeee!!! Check out my Flickr for more fun with lights and shadows.

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Project FUR Japan – Curio Exclusive
Bracelet: -tb- Tableau Color Fair
Necklace: Nylon Outfitters
Tank: Dutch Touch
Jeans: Grixdale
Pose: Diesel Works

Boobs 4 Babes

My awesome  friend Bouncer posted this killer tee on his blog and I practically wanted to pounce him and rip it off of him, stealing it for myself. It’s from a new pair of designers on the market [ky] and I love the themes that Freddy and his partner (Kyani) are running with for their tees. Regrettably, I did not get to rip the tee off of his hot bod, but he was sweet enough to buy me one of my own.

Only one problem. No boobs. It’s true. The boys have made this killer tee, but when I put it on I have no boobs whatsoever (as pictured on the left). Ugh. Vivi loves her twins… and not the ones courtesy of Jose, although those are pretty funny (I’ll have to share one day). It’s true.  I contacted Freddy who was super sweet and assured me that someday my boobs will come, but in the meantime, I added my own boobage courtesy of AYUMI‘s Breast and Cleavage Enhancer (grayscale & tinted). I’m sure this isn’t quite what they had in mind, but when there’s a will and all.. there are boobs.

Hair: Elikatira
Tee: [ky] Nicki n Kim
Jeans: Grixdale