You, Me, Martini?

52 Weeks - Olive

“You, me, and a martini?” I asked. Lucky for this lady, the rather attractive gentleman didn’t refuse to share an Olive or two with me for this week’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, courtesy of the divine Ms. Luna Jubilee.

Olive was perfect, made me think of martinis, Mad Men, and thus.. the concept was born. Playing the role of the dashing man behind the wet bar, and reprising his role as my photographic enhancement is fellow blogger, DJ, and Vivi-putter-upper-with, Bouncer.

Olive let me be creative, I designed the set, building most of it. Heck, I even made the bowtie. If you look closely enough, it matches the wallpaper.

On to the details!

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: LAQ
Makeup: Damned
Corset: :TGIS:
Belt: Artilleri
Skirt: Artilleri
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry

My pose: Lust


That Periwinkle in Your Eyes

Once upon a time, there was this great guy, blogger, and DJ who spoke a few magical words.. “We should do a post together”.. weeks and weeks later, it finally happened! Periwinkle was the name of the much awaited color courtesy of Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and I have to tell you, this has probably been the trickiest one for me to date! The handsome guy standing next to me, Bouncer, not so tricky to line up.. although his tale might be different considering how many times I made him get on and off… the poseball.. where was your mind?!? (It’s okay, I thought the same thing and smirked when I typed it out at first.) Hey.. I’m a glamazon, tweaking static poses comes with the territory.

After finding this delectable dress from Boudoir – I swear, I love those gorgeous frocks! I knew the look had to be romantic and whimsical. I kept it simple, the new windblown hair from Truth, these amazing heels from Pixel Mode (The skin tone matching card is AWESOME!!). Then came the tricky part.. finding a place to shoot. Well, I fell in love with the sim that Botanical is on, but no scripts, no building, etc. When I mentioned this to my dashing partner, he so graciously offered up his land and a whole mess of prims. I swear, the way to this girl’s heart is prims so I can get creative and make stuff! So I did! I made this absolutely beautiful and romantic garden in the sky, which became the location some 3,000 odd meters up in the air.  Of course, it did cost him.. practically all of the prims he had left, but in my defense he DID tell me to go crazy.. just sayin’.

After all was said and done, our little 52 Weeks Partnership turned out fantastic. The hard part was picking just one pic .. but this one characterized his charm the best, and more is posted on my Flickr – so make sure you take a peek!!

Hair: Truth Kayelin in Tahiti
Dress: Boudoir Chantall
Shoes: Pixel Mode Jori in White

His Shirt: Alphamale

Poses: NLimbo, Miamai

[hoi palloi] Mini Launch

I did it, I finally braved my way into the Marketplace with a couple of accessories.. two to be exact (although more are coming!) with [hoi palloi]!! These items are detailed, built by me, scripted, and are the perfect accessory for shopping – either if you’re going with someone else or if you’re bringing that certain someone along and you swear that some days you wish you just had a chair and a beer for him (or he does). My first items are the Silver Following Flask (for him) and the Following Bangle Bracelets (for her). It’s simple, they wear it, type a name into local, and BAM! They automatically find you/follow you and stay within a comfortable 4m. It won’t allow them to TP with you, so you will have to give them a head’s up, but these accessories are “awesome” (that came from the hot guy who also agreed to play my model).  And when a guy says something is awesome, especially when it relates to shopping, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it probably is.


Silver Following Flask – 250L

The flask is worn in the back right pocket and comes with two attatchment locations, spine and pelvis. It is set up as a transfer only object, so you can buy it and give it away.

Following Bracelets in Blue – 250L

I made just one, then decided that it wasn’t enough. So I added a couple more. They are a mix of silver metal and glass bracelets and there is a set of two, both scripted, although I may add a non-scripted version in another release. Both attatch at the forearm (right and/or left) so it won’t mess with any rings that adorn those lovely little fingers of yours. The bracelets are modify and transfer. More colors are on the way!



I have been a crazy busy woman.. and now have three versions of the guy’s flask and six versions of the ladies’ bracelet.. including a discounted promo set in ASPARAGUS!!!! You know you want it.. and at 100L, it’s a total steal 😉 Available both in the Marketplace and at my inworld location.

Boobs 4 Babes

My awesome  friend Bouncer posted this killer tee on his blog and I practically wanted to pounce him and rip it off of him, stealing it for myself. It’s from a new pair of designers on the market [ky] and I love the themes that Freddy and his partner (Kyani) are running with for their tees. Regrettably, I did not get to rip the tee off of his hot bod, but he was sweet enough to buy me one of my own.

Only one problem. No boobs. It’s true. The boys have made this killer tee, but when I put it on I have no boobs whatsoever (as pictured on the left). Ugh. Vivi loves her twins… and not the ones courtesy of Jose, although those are pretty funny (I’ll have to share one day). It’s true.  I contacted Freddy who was super sweet and assured me that someday my boobs will come, but in the meantime, I added my own boobage courtesy of AYUMI‘s Breast and Cleavage Enhancer (grayscale & tinted). I’m sure this isn’t quite what they had in mind, but when there’s a will and all.. there are boobs.

Hair: Elikatira
Tee: [ky] Nicki n Kim
Jeans: Grixdale

Seeing Green

It’s true, the guys do tend to suffer when it comes to the wide selection of apparel, but there are a few gems out there to be had. I asked Tre to humor me and let me dress him up and use his body for my blog. Of course he came kicking and screaming.. well, perhaps not kicking. Ahem.

Anyway, I spotted these jeans on a friend of mine and fell in love with the fabric detail. The best part is that the belt comes already attached. Okay, it’s best for guys who just don’t have the time, energy, or patience to make that prim belt fit just right. The downside is that the jeans from GiZZa only come with one shade of belt – brown. :sigh: It’s always something, isn’t it?


Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ SMITH ~ DBR II
Skin: [Signature Skin Labs] – John Paine – Tone 3 – HAIR – 5 O’Clock
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Mixed Eyes

Shirt: Luck, Inc. *Linc* Stylah Tee Taupe
Jacket: AOHARU– LeatherBlouson withShirt – Olive
Pants: **GiZZa** Classic Jean DarkBlue
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Suede – Beige/Brown
Earrings: JCNY – Mens Ultra Classic, Diamond Studs, ICONOCLAST Collection