Getting Dirty in Texas

52 Weeks - Mahogany


Gather under bright lights
Big game long nights
Bonfires burn
And Breakin up a fist fight
Take A shot a whiskey
Girls gettin frisky
2 AM
It’s about to get risky

O O OH we keep it dirty in Texas
O O OH we keep it dirty in Texas
Oh we keep it Dirty
I dont mind
Oh we keep it dirty
Thats just fine
Oh we keep it Dirty
I dont mind
Oh we keep it dirty
Thats just fine

For Luna’s Mahogany.. I swear, it looked more orange than the color I think of when I think Mahogany.. I offer up my version for week 33 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. So, when I came across these incredibly cute shorts from E R R A T IC, I knew I wanted to go with a sporty look. I already had the Muddy pack from ++Randomocity++ (awesomeness in and of themselves), and I knew that my jersey had to come from RDG. Even if the owner can be a total ass at times, he makes good quality stuff. Texas met my color goal (Go Longhorns!) and between the mud and the team, the lyrics from Anchored just echoed throughout my head.

Yeah, yeah.. I know I’m early.. but these days I have my nose in a book (this moment excluded) and any spare time is rare time ūüôā

The details:

Hair: Truth
Jersey: Red Dog Gear
Shorts: E R R A T I C
Socks & Mud: ++Randomocity++

Poses by: !bang & doll.


She Looks Good in Blue Jeans, Even Better Under Covers

She’s the kind of girl you bring home to your mother
She looks good in blue jeans even better under covers
She’s a devil in bed between the sheets
Ask her if she’s a saint and she’ll get down on her knees and pray…

52 Weeks of Color and Ms. Jubilee went Denim on us for week 31. Couldn’t help but think of this tune by Silvertide.. and nothing but blue jeans.

Hair: Elikatira
Jeans: League
Bracelet: [hoi palloi]
Necklace: Kosh
Shoes: [hoi palloi]

Poses: Lust & !bang

The Little Cantina

52 Weeks - Ruby

“You said you wanted Mexican, Music, Tequila.. and I ended up at this little Cantina. I was hoping you’d find me…”


Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge presented Ruby. No, Ruby Slippers would have been way too easy and when I wandered into Tres Blah after checking out the new releases from lamb! I spotted this dress and it all fell into place from there. I love the alpha layer of the -TB- Mexican Peasant dress that does a pretty decent job of covering your ass, although I did lose the prim sleeves because I just couldn’t seem to get them just right no matter how hard I tried. The lily from Cake was a perfect little ruby red touch to the new hair release, Isolation, from lamb!. It’s like a loose, messy updo and I loved it. Almost as much as I loved the aqua beaded neclace, also from -tb-, to offset the red mexican peasant dress.

And now.. the Cantina story. Once upon a time there was a SIM called Mexico. There was a gorgeous cathedral, horseback riding, beaches, little shops, and I searched for it. I did find a Mexico SIM, but to my surprise when I landed all I saw was some guy and a chick on her knees¬†in a rather…submissive position. Clearly, this wasn’t your mom’s Mexico. I quickly TP’d out of there with an apologetic IM to the SIM owner (?) who happened to IM me just as I was leaving.¬† Luckily, a few more searches landed me here. It was exactly what I was looking for and I would love to go back to it. Beautiful buildings, fountains, and that perfect Cantina.


Pose: Miamai

Tangerine Dream


For week 26 of Luna Jubilee‚Äôs 52 Weeks of Color Challenge¬†, she went citrus.. Tangerine to be exact! I initially thought about going back to my rather *cough*redneck*cough* upbringing with a¬†tangerine (safety orange)¬†tank and some camoflage, only.. I couldn’t find the puffy vest I wanted! After chatting with the group for a few, I perused the Marketplace and decided to expand my color vocabulary and stumbled upon this lovely bikini.. with a tangerine sarong, that I didn’t end up using since the look just pulled itself together and didn’t need it!¬† I picked up the Tropica Flip Flops in Vanilla, cute but I think they make my feet look flat and if you don’t have the anklet option on, you look weird.. well, I felt like Frankenstein, even with the Alpha layer.

The bracelets are my own, from [hoi palloi], and the shades from Role Optic and Necklace from Caroline’s Jewelry seemed to add off the finishing touches. I knew I wanted to hit the water.. on a boat.. so I found this SIM and a sailboat that called to me. It was great until this Baudi character decided that he was going to tool around, either to perv the chic in the bikini or just play with the boats while perving the chic in the bikini. At one point he rezzed this jumbo yacht and totally blocked my sunlight. I cursed under my breath, I’ll admit it. Because if there is one thing that this water baby doesn’t like, it’s some dude blocking her rays.

Hair: Elikatira
Bikini: LeeZu!
Sandals: Tropica Flip Flops
Bracelet: [hoi palloi]
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry
Sunglasses: Role Optic

Pose by Lust

Head in the Clouds

Today’s little bit of happiness is brought to you by a tire swing, my head in some ‘clouds’, and a gorgeous garden in the sky.

Hair: Elikatira
Shirt: Luck, Inc.
Jeans: Grixdale

Sunset in Tableau

Took a little break this evening and meandered about some before heading back to work on a few more items for [hoi palloi]. I was strolling out in the Tableau SIM when I remembered the super awesome trailers that back up against some mountains. The perfect setting and scene to play around with my windlight settings.. specifically shadows and sunset. Nothing like rocking ‘sexy casual’ on a Thursday ūüėČ

Hair: Elikatira Hye
Top: [mon tissu] Sweetheart Tank in Spotted Roses
Shorts: League
Bracelet: [hoi palloi] Following Bracelet in Summer

Pose: !bang

Lights and Shadows

Playing around in my front yard with windlight settings courtesy of Strawberry Singh’s blog, the new PoseAnywhere HUD 2 (currently only available at the Pose Fair)… it’s awweessooommmeee!!! Check out my Flickr for more fun with lights and shadows.

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Project FUR Japan – Curio Exclusive
Bracelet: -tb- Tableau Color Fair
Necklace: Nylon Outfitters
Tank: Dutch Touch
Jeans: Grixdale
Pose: Diesel Works

Boobs 4 Babes

My awesome¬†¬†friend Bouncer posted this killer tee on his blog and I practically wanted to pounce him and rip it off of him, stealing it for myself. It’s from a new pair of designers on the market [ky]¬†and I love the themes that Freddy and his partner (Kyani) are running with for their tees. Regrettably, I did not get to rip the tee off of his hot bod, but he was sweet enough to buy me one of my own.

Only one problem. No boobs. It’s true. The boys have made this killer tee, but when I put it on I have no boobs whatsoever (as pictured on the left). Ugh. Vivi loves her twins… and not the ones courtesy of Jose, although those are pretty funny (I’ll have to share one day). It’s true.¬† I contacted Freddy who was super sweet and assured me that someday my boobs will come, but in the meantime, I added my own boobage courtesy of AYUMI‘s Breast and Cleavage Enhancer (grayscale & tinted). I’m sure this isn’t quite what they had in mind, but when there’s a will and all.. there are boobs.

Hair: Elikatira
Tee: [ky] Nicki n Kim
Jeans: Grixdale

Banana Baby


I’m catching up! Actually busting a post out early for Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color and¬†week 22 is none other than¬† “Banana Mania”!¬† I found this super cute dress from Artilleri on Marketplace and it fit the color perfectly! It comes with two different versions of the skirt.. poof (not pictured – which is a sheer crinolin-esque lace ‘ruffle’ peeking out the bottom) and non-poof (pictured).¬† The skirt isn’t scripted, so if you do resize it, make sure you make a backup copy first. The dress does also come in several different colors. I paired it with the adorable Flair¬†flats from Elikatira (also available in other colors) but I think they would work well with a pair of heels, too.

To top it off, I wanted a necklace with a bow on it, and I found one with bonus butterflies from Caroline’s Jewelry (the set also comes with earrings and a ring). Looove eeeeet! Banana works, no chocolate needed ūüėČ

Hair: [elikatira] Rush in Warm Blonde
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Aqua Eyes
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena ‚Äst04 [Nougat]
Cleaveage: LAQ ~ Cleavage enhancer v2 Tattoo layer [Nougat]

Dress: Artilleri Kitty Dress in Yellow*
Shoes: [elikatira]  Flair Flats in Lemon/Creme
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry Butterflies in Paris

*Available on Marketplace

Umber is the Color of Your Energy

It is week 19 of Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color ¬†Challenge and I’m NOT hitting the last day.. yay!!!¬† This week eeeees Umber. I love the combination of chocolate shades and blue. They just work so very well together. I knew I wanted to post about this jacket from Mon Tissue as soon as I saw it, and I knew that it had to be paired up with something blue. Meanwhile, I am absolutely loving this hair from lamb! It’s part chic, part rock and roll, and works in countless ways that I may just stick with it for a bit. Maybe. I dunno. I swear, if RL hair was as easy to change up as SL hair, I’d be in heaven.

Hair: lamb!  Ghost! in Lady
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Aqua Eyes
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena ‚Äst02 [Nougat]
Cleaveage: LAQ ~ Cleavage enhancer v2 Tattoo layer [Nougat]

Jacket: {mon tissu} Rockaby Blazer in Brown
Top: *Linc* Open Buttoned Dress in Pastel Blue (shirt and underwear layers)
Pants: Primitive Design Payton Pants in Blue
Shoes: Kboots-black*
Ring: Paper Couture Leather Blossom Ring*

* Available on Marketplace