[hoi palloi] Mini Launch

I did it, I finally braved my way into the Marketplace with a couple of accessories.. two to be exact (although more are coming!) with [hoi palloi]!! These items are detailed, built by me, scripted, and are the perfect accessory for shopping – either if you’re going with someone else or if you’re bringing that certain someone along and you swear that some days you wish you just had a chair and a beer for him (or he does). My first items are the Silver Following Flask (for him) and the Following Bangle Bracelets (for her). It’s simple, they wear it, type a name into local, and BAM! They automatically find you/follow you and stay within a comfortable 4m. It won’t allow them to TP with you, so you will have to give them a head’s up, but these accessories are “awesome” (that came from the hot guy who also agreed to play my model).  And when a guy says something is awesome, especially when it relates to shopping, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it probably is.


Silver Following Flask – 250L

The flask is worn in the back right pocket and comes with two attatchment locations, spine and pelvis. It is set up as a transfer only object, so you can buy it and give it away.

Following Bracelets in Blue – 250L

I made just one, then decided that it wasn’t enough. So I added a couple more. They are a mix of silver metal and glass bracelets and there is a set of two, both scripted, although I may add a non-scripted version in another release. Both attatch at the forearm (right and/or left) so it won’t mess with any rings that adorn those lovely little fingers of yours. The bracelets are modify and transfer. More colors are on the way!



I have been a crazy busy woman.. and now have three versions of the guy’s flask and six versions of the ladies’ bracelet.. including a discounted promo set in ASPARAGUS!!!! You know you want it.. and at 100L, it’s a total steal 😉 Available both in the Marketplace and at my inworld location.


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