Boobs 4 Babes

My awesome  friend Bouncer posted this killer tee on his blog and I practically wanted to pounce him and rip it off of him, stealing it for myself. It’s from a new pair of designers on the market [ky] and I love the themes that Freddy and his partner (Kyani) are running with for their tees. Regrettably, I did not get to rip the tee off of his hot bod, but he was sweet enough to buy me one of my own.

Only one problem. No boobs. It’s true. The boys have made this killer tee, but when I put it on I have no boobs whatsoever (as pictured on the left). Ugh. Vivi loves her twins… and not the ones courtesy of Jose, although those are pretty funny (I’ll have to share one day). It’s true.  I contacted Freddy who was super sweet and assured me that someday my boobs will come, but in the meantime, I added my own boobage courtesy of AYUMI‘s Breast and Cleavage Enhancer (grayscale & tinted). I’m sure this isn’t quite what they had in mind, but when there’s a will and all.. there are boobs.

Hair: Elikatira
Tee: [ky] Nicki n Kim
Jeans: Grixdale


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