Underneath Your Clothes

Have you ever wondered what she really wears under those suits? If it’s her, you know whatever it is it will be hot.. leaopard print slip, perhaps, or in this case, the Black Laced Panty Girdle from Deetalez. And honey, this is soooo not your grandmother’s panty girdle! Admittedly, I had no idea what to wear this with, I suppose a dress shirt might look hot, but ultimately I decided it needed nothing else. Not even a bra. It hits just under the breasts, and the overall look is pretty damn sexy.. so I’ve been told.

The issue with this garment (other than the boobless thing, but that’s not reeeealllly an issue) is that if you wear the jacket layer by itself, it’s crotchless. Okay, so throw on the pants or even the underpants layers, well, your wicked garden is covered up, but this slightly shaded section also shows up in the lace panel on the front from the midsection down (the back isn’t as noticeable). The solution is that you simply just have to wear the shirt layer or undershirt layer with either the pants or underpants layers to cover up and avoid the shadow. Granted, chances are he’s not really even going to notice. He’s probably going to end up just staring at your boobs. Which are indeed divine. But I digress, I love the cute prim bows at the hips that come along with this really quite unnecessary undergarment (because it’s SL, who really needs a panty girdle?).

Kept the other details simple, the black Lotus ring and bracelet from Mandala and the amazing heels from Pixel Mode. I swear, I love those things.. I should have just bought the fat pack.

So sweetheart, if he even has a hint about what’s underneath your clothes.. you know he’s definitely going to want to take you home.

Hair: [elikatira] 
Eyes: LAQ
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena [Nougat}
Cleaveage: LAQ ~ Cleavage enhancer v2 Tattoo layer [Nougat]

Panty Girdle: Deetalez Lace Panty Girdle in Black (also comes in white  – both available on Marketplace)

Shoes: Pixel Mode
Jewelry: MANDALA


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