Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It is crazy scary the kinds of things one can find in the mall these days.. from the hot pink lace cutout gloves to the hot pink and black zebra striped leg warmers, ladies and gentleman, the 80’s are sneaking in. I hit up a birthday party this past weekend where I went all out with ease thanks to the selections at the neighborhood mall. I even used up an entire small can of hairspray to finish off the blue metallic eyeshadow, hot pink frosted lipstick, and Madonna-esque “mole” accented look.  It was awesome, it was scary, it was … well, go big or go home, right?  But, could it translate into SL?

Yes, yes it could.

I was able to just about get my entire RL look down with a few items from the Marketplace (including these snakeskin heels.. love the color but my size “0” feet still manage to peek out the front.. wtf?) and a few other fave locations, mixing and matching along the way. It was fun to see if I could replicate the look, perusing my inventory to see what I had, picking up a few things to complete the look. After it was all said and done, I was reminded of a Dolly Parton quote, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.”


(For this look I definitely had to take advantage of the layering options of Viewer 2.)

Hair: >Truth<  Bebe streaked – tahiti (Also available on Marketplace)
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Aqua Eyes
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena – 04 [Nougat]
Cleaveage: LAQ ~ Cleavage enhancer v2 Tattoo layer [Nougat]

Lips: Birgit Mai’s Lipstick Box 3 –  lips_086 <tattoo layer>(Marketplace)
Beauty Mark: L.Fauna 2.o Tattoo [Crawford] <tattoo layer>(Marketplace)
Eyeshadow: .:Glamorize:. Brilliance Eye Makeup Tattoo Layers – 10 Colors – in Midnight <tattoo layer> (Marketplace)

Bra:  The Whore Mansion – *T.Whore*- Delice Lingerie Zebra Pink
Dress (Including Garters & Stockings – originally black, tinted hot pink):– IC-  Strapless Black
Gloves: -IC- Dress lace heart  with glooves Valentin- Gloves pink
Leg Warmers: Gawk! Wool Leg Warmers – Black (Marketplace)
Shoes:  !!Cattiva – eXotica snakeskin shoe in Hot Pink (Marketplace)

Bracelet (R): Pati Bangles crazy pearls (Marketplace)
Bracelet (L): !MPS! (Now Insanya/Bubbles) Bracelet Pop (not currently available in the new store)
Star Necklace: MiLos – Starz and Pearls (Also available on Marketplace)
Long Beaded Necklace: Bonita Popinjay’s Jewelry & Etc. – Dark Knotted Pink Necklace (Also available on Marketplace)
Short Beaded Necklace w/ Fleur de Lys: Indy & Co.: Black Pearl Necklace


Whoa. That is a lot of stuff to look this awesomely ridiculous.


One response

  1. Tre

    Damn … you look Bangin’

    January 24, 2011 at 4:31 pm

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